"Clocks" Chess Set

A chess set created using different kinds of time pieces to stand in for the Kind, Bishop, and others. Modeled in Maya 2008 & 2009 and rendered using Mental Ray. The models were modified in ClayTools and then "printed" in black and white ABS plastic using a Dimension 3D printer. Printed piece are approximately 2.5" wide (average) with the King in the white set being 7.5" tall and the King in the black set being 5".

King = Big Ben
Queen = Grandfather clock
Bishop = Wristwatch
Knight = Alarm clock
Rook = Hourglass
Pawn = Sundial
Screenshots of Maya models

Chess board, created in Adobe Illustrator and mapped on in Maya for final render

Final renders

Physical printed pieces

The white set was the first set to be made. Revisions were made to the pieces and the black set was printed with those modifications. 

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